A stitch in time save nine.write a story based on this moral wrong

This is a story around the famous idiom- A stitch in time saves nine. Shreya met Sid in school in standard eighth when the sections were re-shuffled. Very soon they discovered that they were not just class-mates but neighbors too.

A stitch in time save nine.write a story based on this moral wrong

But we must listen and pay attention. Susanna and the Elders, Artemisia Gentileschi, As an artist I initially was drawn to some very interesting information about the work of art shown above created in by a female artist, Artemisia Gentileschi who created at age seventeen this painting of Susanna in the Garden.

Interesting that this painting was at times attributed to her father and was created after her painting instructor was taken to trial for raping her as a teenager.

a stitch in time save nine.write a story based on this moral wrong

Evaluating the credibility and choosing which stories to include, which lessons to learn on a collective basis is an interesting aspect of all religions. So back in early August of this year I was called to read the book of Daniel.

The following is my short version of the tale of Susanna and the Elders, from the Book of Daniel. For a longer version that I like, go HERE Susanna was a beautiful and deeply religious woman married to a very wealthy man, Joakim and daughter to Hilkiah.

Interesting that still to this day women are feeling defined as wives, daughters and not by their individual autonomy. Some things never change? Or has the time finally arrived for this to change??? They had lovely gardens that Susanna chose to walk in each day.

There were two judges who held court at the residence of Joakim who lusted after the beautiful Susanna.

a stitch in time save nine.write a story based on this moral wrong

One day they followed her to the garden where she decided to take a bath. She requested her servants lock the gate so that she could be alone, unaware that the two judges were hiding and watching her.

When the servants left the judges forced themselves upon her to have sex. She chose not to comply and began screaming; when her servants heard her they came running. The men told their side of the story and Susanna was taken to court the next day.

Now, this is where I love the way the story twists back for me and one of the reasons I believe my Guides directed me to read it. The judges are caught in a lie because young Daniel yelled out in opposition to the charges against Susanna.

He would not be a party to her death without proof of her guilt. He directed the court to separate the two judges and question them individually. I have a history of believing that the trees hold our stories and our truths. So, this part of the story truly resonates with me.

The story indicates that Daniel was in touch with his inner divine guidance and was not willing to be complacent in her execution. He was brave enough to speak up and change the course of the narrative.

I too, believe in Divine Inner Guidance and Guidance from Above; sources outside ourselves, who we must call on to assist us. There is a part of me that wants to doubt I was given the wisdom or bravery of Daniel.

As Daniel questioned in the trial of Susanna: Are you going to condemn an Israelite woman to death on this kind of evidence? First we listen to our heavenly guides as they try to reach us though our inner knowing.

Stop, listen to your gut. Then we can turn to our own dreams and interpret them as Daniel did. So we cannot be forever fooled or kept away from our Knowing of our collective Self.Figuratively, a lit tle work today (one stitch) can save a lot of work later on (the nine stitches). For example, fixing a tile on the roof can stop the wind and water from getting in and.

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Posts about Uncategorized written by pamela penney. Skip to content. A STITCH IN TIME SAVES to resist wrong doing, and use A Stitch In Time (to) Save. Please Note: Do I know the truth and the “moral of the story”? No. And maybe I never will.

But I will listen to my Guidance, inner knowing and my “gut” and I will pay attention to. Write a story on "A stitch in time saves nine." Write a story on "A stitch in time saves nine.".

A stitch in time. A stitch in time. Bangalore Mirror who have quit their jobs to save the environment. Based in Gurgaon and Pune, they take your out-of-use clothes and linen and upcycle them. We can not “be ignorant”, but just like Maria Schuh’s example we can all “pretend ignorance” (or use other methods) to resist wrong doing, and use A Stitch In Time (to) Save.

Please Note: I personally do not define resistance as a way to obstruct or protest any actions or ideas of the new administration just for the sake of hatred of “the other side”. We do that benefit is an valuable myth. n't no election can lose it out of his website.

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