An analysis of place objects gender and class slater mill and virtual light

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An analysis of place objects gender and class slater mill and virtual light

Includes bibliographical references and index. B 01 02 03 04 7 6 5 4 3 Acquiring Editor: Marquita Flemming Production Editor: Karen Wiley Cover Designer: Shapiro and Florence I.

Shapiro, who raised us both to become reflective scholars, musicians, and critical thinkers; and to our siblings, Daniel Shapiro and Lorelei Cederstrom, who are always alongside us in our lifeworlds. In fact, there are more than introductions to research listed in Books in Print.

A number of them are very good at what they intend to do. But we believe that the beginning researcher has fundamental needs that they do not address.

An analysis of place objects gender and class slater mill and virtual light

We have written this book to try to meet needs that we have encountered in recent years among students with whom we have worked, needs that were not being met by other introductory books, including books that we like and advised them to read. We do not assume that our book is the only introduction to research that you will read.

In fact, we hope that it is not, because we are deliberately not duplicating standard material that is covered elsewhere. We believe that you need to consider multiple perspectives—that is a main point of our book. But we imagine that you will find that this book contains information, ideas, and a perspective on research that is not to be found in other books and courses and that will help you reframe that other material and use it more effectively for your own purposes.

We have found that for students—and for us—the challenges in undertaking research are not mainly about the details of research methods. This short book—and it is short intentionally—obviously does not provide the solutions to all of these problems, but we try to take them into account and help people deal with them constructively.

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What is distinctive about our approach is that we pay attention to the intellectual and cultural postmodern, chaotic situation in which human and social science research takes place today, to the social and historical changes that are the background context of intellectual work today, and to the multicultural, interdisciplinary, multiparadigmatic trends in the social and human sciences.

Most textbooks either do not address this situation at all or do so peripherally, at best. This is especially true of textbooks and courses that are operating within a framework passed down from a previous intellectual generation. In consequence, we believe, students are not prepared adequately either to make sense of the scholarly work that they encounter or to fit their own work into current intellectual discourse.

We believe that, in such a situation, you—the researcher—have to place yourself at the center of the research process because of the need to make choices in a chaotic environment; and you need to become a bit of an applied philosopher to be able to make these choices. You also need to be aware both of the social and cultural context of research today and of the multiple research modes, or cultures of inquiry, that are available to you in the human and social sciences.

In contemplating your research, have you thought, for example, of building your own theory?


Analyzing your own consciousness? Changing your own social environment? These are among the many options available to you although your immediate environment may not be receptive to all of them.

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Instead of presenting research as a neutral tool kit to be used in any kind of intellectual or philosophical or value framework, we present and recommend our own philosophical framework, which we call mindful inquiry, as a way to think about inquiry and research.

Our framework is not value-neutral: It is a synthesis of critical social science, hermeneutics, phenomenology, and Buddhism.Log into Facebook to start sharing and connecting with your friends, family, and people you know.

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The feminist philosopher Hampton (, 8) comments that philosophy often relies upon unacknowledged pictures of the world and that it is these mental images that form the basis of written arguments.I want to look at a particular image that lies at the heart of the traditional view of privacy in the West in order to examine ways in which our .

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