Before night falls

There was a problem adding your email address. The only child of a mother whose lover deserted her, Arenas was raised in his peasant grandparents' home. Living in the countryside whose superstitions and rituals the author vividly evokes herethe large family barely grew enough to feed themselves.

Before night falls

In its purest essence, the art of cinema still finds its way into the psychic of film lovers through exposure to the individual. Before Night Falls has been creating a sensation in Europe since its world premiere at the Venice Film Festival and word spread wild fire among Hollywood insiders long before the film's upcoming release in the U.

December 22, limited; January 12, wide. Fresh from National Board of Review Film Awards presented to actor Javier Bardem for his portrayal of Reinaldo Arenas and the films placement in the Board's Top 10 list of the years best films, Before Night Falls promises to hit streets across America with passion.

Director, Julian Schnabel, turned to the canvas of film to paint a compelling portrait of life behind the dark curtain of Castro's Cuba. With a watchful eye, he transformed a poet's words into cinema so real you can literally experience the painful chill of Reinaldo Arenas' repression and persecution.

Why is this story so important in our pursuit of self-indulgence and affluence? Perhaps the answer lies in the concept that freedom cannot be truly experienced without some exposure to the lack of it.

Reinaldo Arenas story begins with his birth ina particularly prolific year for producing future poets of revolution George Harrison, Jim Morrison, Mick Jagger, Janis Joplin.

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Abandoned by his father, Reinaldo's mother took her young son to live with her parents on a farm in the Oriente province of Cuba. Influenced by the contrast of unmitigated poverty played out in a lush natural setting, Reinaldo was allowed to follow every impulse, experiencing immeasurable freedom.

Inhis family moved to the town of Holguin where Reinaldo joined Castro's insurgency to overthrow the dictator Batista. With the triumph of the Revolution, he immersed himself in the new government's ambitious program to educate the youth of Cuba.

ByReinaldo Javier Bardem was attending the University of Havana and surrounded by a city filled with possibilities. Swept into the influence of the sexual revolution of the time, he indulged in a wide range of lovers including Pepe Malas Andrea Di Stefanowho introduced him to Havana's thriving homosexual subculture.

Reinaldo pursued the exploration of his identity as a writer and homosexual with enthusiasm and joy. He entered a storytelling contest and secured work at the prestigious National Library.

He became friends with Cuba's most celebrated writers and published his first novel titled Singing from the Well at the age of twenty. In the late 's the Cuban government began a persecution of artists and homosexuals. Writers were forced to renounce their work and homosexuals were sent to labor camps.

Defiant, Reinaldo continued to write and smuggled his next novel, Halluncinations, to France for publication. For the next few years he was subject to relentless persecution as authorities searched his rooms, confiscated his work and threatened his friends.

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InReinaldo was arrested. Falsely accused of sexual molestation, he escaped from jail and attempted to flee the island afloat on an inner tube. He failed and was again arrested and sent to the notorious El Morro prison where he served two years. He survived by composing letters to the inmates' wives and lovers, accumulating pencil and paper for his writing.

Before Night Falls by Reinaldo Arenas

He was discovered in an attempt to smuggle his work out of the prison ,brutally punished and forced to renounce his work.Explores the life and work of Cuban poet Reinaldo Arenas and his fight against censorship and persecution.

Javier Bardem has received golden reviews for his portrayal of exiled Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas in Julian Schnabel's lavish and emotionally generous biopic. And he is indeed excellent. Bardem. Night Falls on Manhattan is a American crime drama film directed by Sidney Lumet, set and filmed on location in New York screenplay is by Lumet, based on a novel by Robert Daley entitled Tainted Evidence..

The film centers on a newly elected district attorney played by Andy García, who is eager to stamp out corruption within the New York City Police Department. The soundtrack to Before Night Falls, Julian Schnabel's passionate, critically acclaimed portrait of Cuban writer Reinaldo Arenas, features an equally compelling collection of Cuban barnweddingvt.comg from the Cuban big band of Beny More's "Conoci La Paz" and "El Canonero" to the provincial sounds of Faustino Oromas' "El Tumbaito," the album digs just as deeply into the country's musical history as.

Critics Consensus: An impressionistic, fragmented look at Reinaldo Arenas, Before Night Falls' imagery manages to evoke a sense of the writer's artistry, and Bardem's strong performance holds the 73%.

Before Night Falls, the opera, Fort Worth, TX.

Before night falls

likes. Before Night Falls comes to Miami! Florida Grand Opera is putting on five performances in March.

Before Night Falls