Butler service

In that case, two young gentlemen thoroughly looked after me throughout my stay. They brought tea and refreshments when I arrived, took care of cleaning the room, and were generally available for anything I wanted. As a young man at the time, I was low maintenance. But they gave the impression that at least one of them was always "on call" and would be at the door within minutes when summoned.

Butler service

The role of the butler, for centuries, has been that of the chief steward of a household, the attendant entrusted with the care and serving of wine and other bottled beverages which in ancient times might have represented a considerable portion of the household's assets.

Butler service

In Britain, the butler was originally a middle-ranking member of the staff of a grand household. In the 17th and 18th centuries, the butler gradually became the senior, usually male, member of a household's staff in the very grandest households. However, there was sometimes a steward who ran the outside estate and financial affairs, rather than just the household, and who was senior to the butler in social status into the 19th century.

Butlers used always to be attired in Butler service special uniform, distinct from the livery of junior servants, but today a butler is more likely to wear a business suit or business casual clothing and appear in uniform only on special occasions.

A silverman or silver butler has expertise and professional knowledge of the management, secure storage, use and cleaning of all silverwareassociated tableware and other paraphernalia for use at military and other special functions. Origin and history[ edit ] A slave in charge of wine in ancient Rome.

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The modern role of the butler has evolved from earlier roles that were generally concerned with the care and serving of alcoholic beverages.

Ancient through medieval eras[ edit ] From ancient through medieval times, Butler service beverages were chiefly stored Butler service in earthenware vessels, then later in wooden barrels, rather than in glass bottles; these containers would have been an important part of a household's possessions.

The care of these assets was therefore generally reserved for trusted slaves, although the job could also go to free persons because of heredity-based class lines or the inheritance of trades. The biblical book of Genesis contains a reference to a role precursive to modern butlers.

The English word "butler" itself comes from the Middle English word bo u teler and several other formsfrom Anglo-Norman buteler, itself from Old Norman butelier, corresponding to Old French botellier "bottle bearer"Modern French bouteiller, and before that from Medieval Latin butticula.

The modern English "butler" thus relates both to bottles and casks. A pincerna depicted in service to a noble court during the Medieval Era. Eventually the European butler emerged as a middle-ranking member of the servants of a great house, in charge of the buttery originally a storeroom for "butts" of liquor, although the term later came to mean a general storeroom or pantry.

In a large house, the butler centre-left is traditionally head over a full array of household servants. Elizabethan through Victorian eras[ edit ] The Steward of the Elizabethan era was more akin to the butler that later emerged. By this time he was in charge of the more modern wine cellar, the "buttery" or pantry from French pan from Latin panis, bread as it came to be called, which supplied bread, butter, cheese, and other basic provisions, and the ewery, which contained napkins and basins for washing and shaving.

The number of the male domestics in a family varies according to the wealth and position of the master, from the owner of the ducal mansion, with a retinue of attendants, at the head of which is the chamberlain and house-steward, to the occupier of the humbler house, where a single footman, or even the odd man-of-all-work, is the only male retainer.

The majority of gentlemen's establishments probably comprise a servant out of livery, or butler, a footman, and coachman, or coachman and groom, where the horses exceed two or three. The residence had 17 servants in residence.

The largest stately houses could have 40 or more. Butlers were head of a strict service hierarchy and therein held a position of power and respect. They were more managerial than "hands on"—more so than serving, they officiated in service.

For example, although the butler was at the door to greet and announce the arrival of a formal guest, the door was actually opened by a footman, who would receive the guest's hat and coat. Even though the butler helped his employer into his coat, this had been handed to him by a footman.

However, even the highest-ranking butler would "pitch in" when necessary, such as during a staff shortage, to ensure that the household ran smoothly, although some evidence suggests this was so even during normal times.

The butler was in charge of the dining room, the wine cellarpantry, and sometimes the entire main floor. Directly under the butler was the first footman or head footmanalthough there could also be a deputy butler or under-butler who would fill in as butler during the butler's illness or absence.

The footman —there were frequently numerous young men in the role within a household—performed a range of duties including serving meals, attending doors, carrying or moving heavy items, and they often doubled as valets.

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Valets themselves performed a variety of personal duties for their employer. Butlers engaged and directed all these junior staff and each reported directly to him. The housekeeper was in charge of the house as a whole and its appearance. In a household without an official head housekeeper, female servants and kitchen staff were also directly under the butler's management, while in smaller households, the butler usually doubled as valet.

Employers and their children and guests addressed the butler and under-butler, if there was one by last name alone; fellow servants, retainers, and tradespersons as "Mr.

Butlers were typically hired by the master of the house but usually reported to its lady. Beeton in her manual suggested a GBP 25—50 USD 2,—5, per-year salary for butlers; room and board and livery clothing were additional benefits, and tipping known as vails, were common.

From the beginning of slavery in the United Statesin the early 17th century, African Americans were put to task as domestic servants.St. Regis Butler Service is a signature experience with personalized and anticipatory attention to your needs.

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