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Recruiting In order for a crew to be sustainable, they must continually draw in new members. A larger crew can lead to more activities and more fun! Often times, crews lose members as their youth grow older and move to a different location or age out. A crew that is constantly bringing in new members will not only positively impact more youth, but will also offer a better program to the Venturers already involved.

Crew request

Customer Reviews 15 Love this Bag!

Crew request

Review by Shirley I love love love this bag. I should get some payback for ALL the bags I have basically sold for this company!!! But wouldn't trade it for anything!!!! Highly recommendReview by MY Quality bag. The bottom for inflight shoes. And the cooler fits enough food for a 4 day trip easily.

Lining definitely keeps your food cold. I pack a ice pack from home and food is still cold 24hrs. What am I doing wrong???? Strongbags Reply - We do offer one of the best coolers on the market for all its worth.

The liner and insulation will work as advertised as long as you follow some basic rules. Here are some pointers Put a layer of ice on the bottom, and the coldest pack or more ice on the top. The top layer will melt faster than the bottom layer, but the food between is what is important.

Keep your cooler zipper closed as much as possible - get your food and zip the lid closed, not just flipped closed.

This will be the biggest factor in keeping your ice in a solid state longer. Always keep the ice in a leak proof container. The larger the ice chunks, the longer you'll have ice.

Thank you for your comment. The iPad by itself fits but not with the case on. Although the 'lil skillet does fit leaving room in my carry on bag for my iPad. Review by Tom I noticed on an upcoming bag noticed a feature that would be great for this bag. If you don't need this option, you may zip closed to allow quick easy storage of a book or magazines" Is this something that could possibly be added to this bag?

Strongbags reply Tom, This feature has been there for about a year now. Thank you all for your suggestions on making our bags the preferred bags! If so I will buy it tomorrow. Tested with an ipad 4 in a griffin survivor case. Review by Dan I have seen this in person and it looks great. I was wondering if you could fit a 13inch macbbok pro in the pocket below the cooler?

Thank you for your question! Review by FA jimmy This bag will pay for it self in on 4 day trip! However, it would have been nice to have left the name tag sewn in on the back.

I can see problems with the name tag holder on the chain. Strongbags Support Answer - We made the change to a metal name tag that is removable. After time the sewn name tag did not satisfy our durability standards. Thank you for your purchase! Review by Melody This is also my favorite food bag!

The double strap placement is sensible, because it doesn't tip when I pick it up with the food compartment unzipped - as the ebag will. It holds most of my food for a 3-day trip.

I bought a hard liner bin from the dollar store which fits it perfectly. I prefer more stability. I wonder about a sturdy metal attachment bar on the top rear of the bag. This would allow us to attach it to our luggage using our luggage strap.

I prefer a lower center of gravity.The Astros Shutte Crew are the outgoing, energetic personalities that run Astros community appearances and entertain fans at all home games. k Followers, 26 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Official ReQuest Dance Crew 👑 (@officialrequestdancecrew) k Followers, 25 Following, Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Official ReQuest Dance Crew 👑 (@officialrequestdancecrew).

ReQuest Dance Crew (also known as ReQuest) are an all-female hip-hop dance crew from Auckland, New Zealand.

ReQuest were formed in , with originally five members. They are based out of The Palace Dance Studio in Leicester and and are one of six crews from The Morningside Arena.

Alongside the Royal Family (MegaCrew), Royal Family Varsity (Varsity MegaCrew), Kingsmen (Adults), Sorority. Crew Request Form.

This is the crew request form. To apply for a position, please fill out the crew you. To request a Volunteer Vacation crew for , please fill out the online application to the left. You will need to complete the form in one session and cannot save your work mid-way through.

We suggest viewing the Volunteer Vacations Crew Request Questions in advance and preparing answers prior to filling out the online form.

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