Frank stella essay

From Italian decent, his parents pushed him to do his best and enrolled him in an elite secondary school, Phillips Academy, to finish out his education before he enrolled in Princeton University in

Frank stella essay

Work[ edit ] Jane Frank was a pupil of Hans Hofmann. She can be categorized stylistically as an abstract expressionist ,[ citation needed ] but one who draws primary inspiration from the natural world, particularly landscape — landscape "as metaphor ", she once explained.

Chronologically and stylistically, Jane Frank's work straddles both the modern and the contemporary even postmodern periods. She referred to her works generally as " inscapes ". Her works are in many other public, academic, corporate, and private collections. The early years[ edit ] Training in commercial art[ edit ] Jane Frank when she was still Jane Schenthal attended the progressive Park School and received her initial artistic Frank stella essay at the Maryland Institute of Arts and Sciences now known as MICA, the Maryland Institute College of Artearning in a diploma in commercial art and fashion illustration [Watson-Jones].

Her schooling complete, she began working in advertising design and acting in summer stock theater.

Frank stella essay

From the sources, it is unclear whether she worked in these fields while still in New York, or only after returning to Baltimore. We do know, however, that she began painting seriously in Becoming a painter[ edit ] In a letter to Thomas Yoseloffshe wrote quoted in Yoseloff's Retrospective,p. She began a study of the history of Frank stella essay and "went through a progression of spatial conceptions" p.

Marriage and family - and children's books[ edit ] After returning to Baltimoreshe married Herman Benjamin Frank in According to the biography in " Baltimore County Women, " listed below, Jane had previously been working as a commercial artist "for department stores and advertising agencies", but she "gave up her career in commercial art for marriage and a family" p.

After marrying, she signed her works consistently as "Jane Frank", apparently never including a maiden name or middle initial. Her husband, a builderconstructed their home, including a studio for his wife.

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With the initial demands of a new marriage and family presumably beginning to relax a bit, Jane Frank returned seriously to painting in according to Stanton, p. In the following decade, while raising a family and rapidly developing as a serious painterthe young mother also illustrated three children's books.

Monica Mink featured, along with Jane Frank's illustrations, a whimsical text by the artist herself, entirely in verse, relating a tale in which according to the review published by the National Council of Teachers of English "In rhyme the obstreperous Monica Mink 'who wouldn't listen and didn't think' is finally taught that 'all Mother Minks know best'.

Thomas Yoseloff's The Further Adventures of Till EulenspiegelNew York Cityfeatured Jane Frank's block prints, which already show a penchant for collage-like textural juxtapositions and strong diagonal composition.

Jane Frank's obituary in the Baltimore Sun mentions that she published a third children's book, entitled Eadie the Pink Elephant, with both text and pictures by the artist, and this is confirmed in an excerpt from Publishers Weekly available online [2]. Health catastrophes and recovery[ edit ] Professor Phoebe B.

Stanton of Johns Hopkins University see below mentions that twice in the 20 years afterJane Frank suffered from illnesses which "interrupted the work for long periods". The first of these catastrophes was a serious car accident inrequiring multiple major surgeries and extensive convalescence, and the second was a "serious and potentially life-threatening illness" soon after her solo show at the Baltimore Museum of Art.

The latter illness was so severe, according to Stanton, that it interrupted Jane Frank's painting work for about two years. The latter s to late s[ edit ] Encountering Hans Hofmann, and discovering a "sculptural landscape"[ edit ] Health problems notwithstanding, the latter s proved decisively fruitful for Jane Frank as a serious artist.

Having fairly well recovered from her injuries in the traumatic accident, she studied for a period in with the great abstract expressionist painter Hans Hofmann in ProvincetownMassachusettsand this mentoring gave her a jolt of inspiration and encouragement.Frank Stella began his career with relative ease at the early age of 23 in New York, After finishing his studies at Princeton University in By the mids he was in the forefront of the Post Painterly abstraction group which was comprised of artists who were reacting to the dominance of Abstract Expressionism (Rubin 45).

Frank stella essay

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Exit Smiling The ineffably wonderful Bea Lillie in EXIT SMILING! Wayne Barker accompanies this glorious comedy at A DAY OF SILENTS on December 1. Frank Stella is an American painter who remains poplar after almost four decades of work.

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He was born in and studied at the Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts under Patrick Morgan and at Princeton University under William Seitz and Stephen Greene. After he lived in New York. He.

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