Henry murray life and achievements

That Ludwig von Mises was the outstanding champion of laissez-faire and the free-market economy in this century is well known and needs no documentation.

Henry murray life and achievements

At the age of twelve, Murray left home. He graduated from College Hill with a teaching degree in and began teaching in a public school in Parker County, Texas. He was a skilled orator and campaigned for James Stephen Hogg when the latter ran for Governor of Texas.

During this time he ran for the state senate, but failed both attempts. He passed the Texas bar exam inand first practiced law in Fort Worth, Texas.

Johnstonthe Governor of the Chickasaw Nationwho appointed him as legal advisor. In addition to practicing law in Tishomingo, Murray began to learn farming.

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He acquired his nickname "Alfalfa" around while working as a political operative for Palmer S. Moseley, gubernatorial candidate for the Oklahoma Territory. Murray frequently toured to give talks to local farmers about politics and farming. He often referred to a large tract of alfalfa which he cultivated.

Arthur Sinclair, who heard one of his speeches, reported to the editor of the Tishomingo Capital-Democrat that he had just seen "Alfalfa Bill" deliver one of his finest speeches.

The name stuck with Murray for the rest of his life. ByAmerican Indians of the Five Civilized Tribes were talking of seeking statehood for Indian Territory as an independent, Indian-controlled state, to be called the State of Sequoyah. Inthe tribes organized a convention to draw up a state constitution.

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Governor Johnston appointed Murray to represent the Chickasaw at the convention in Muskogee. Haskell were the only non-tribal, European Americans.

The delegates drafted a constitution, which in a referendum was overwhelmingly approved by the voters of the Five Tribes. Roosevelt insisted that the Indian and Oklahoma territories had to be admitted as one state — Oklahoma. Murray was elected as the delegate for Districtwhich included Tishomingo.

At the convention in GuthrieMurray worked closely with Robert L. Williams and again with Charles N. They became lifelong friends and allies. Due to his experience in Chickasaw politics, Murray was elected by the delegates as the President of the Convention.

He kept Haskell close to him; one newspaper reported the latter was the "power behind the throne. The Oklahoma Constitution produced under their guidance was substantially based on the Sequoyah constitution.

The proposed constitution included white-supremacist and segregationist clauses strongly supported by Murray. President Roosevelt objected to these clauses, and obtained their deletion before the constitution was submitted to Congress.

Henry murray life and achievements

Oklahoma politics[ edit ] With the state constitution in place, elections were held in for offices of the new state government. Murray was elected as a state representative, and became the first Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives.

Henry murray life and achievements

As speaker, Murray often opposed the progressive work of Kate BarnardCommissioner of Charities and Corrections, and he pushed for Jim Crow laws similar to those in southern states to control blacks: I appreciate the old-time ex-slave, the old darky -- and they are the salt of their race -- who comes to me talking softly in that humble spirit which should characterize their actions and dealings with the white man.

InMurray ran for governor but lost in the Democratic primary. InMurray was elected as U.Science and technology are often considered to be the forte of men. Nevertheless, the contribution of women to the progress of these areas cannot be disregarded.

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Wallace died at age 77 in Danbury Hospital, Danbury, Connecticut, on November 18, Final rites were delivered and ashes interred at Glendale Cemetery in Des Moines. Henry A. Wallace’s pioneering achievements in science and agricultural reform are the lasting imprints of his life.

Early life and education. William Henry Davis Murray was born in the town of Toadsuck, Texas (renamed "Collinsville" in the s), on November 21, He was born to Uriah Dow Thomas Murray, a farmer, and Bertha Elizabeth Jones.

His mother died when he was two years old and, after his father remarried, the family moved to Montague, .

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