How does steinbeck present the relationship between lennie and george and candy and his dog

Lennie always gets into troubles that are solved by George.

How does steinbeck present the relationship between lennie and george and candy and his dog

How to Write a Summary of an Article? The story portrays the travels and arising problems of two migrant workers who share an uncommon friendship for the time and environment in which the novella is set.

Lennie Small is the character I will be exploring and I will start off by giving a detailed explanation of his physical appearance and behaviour. I will then go on to look at the foreshadowing in which Steinbeck displays in the story and finally I will conclude the story of its final climax.

Steinbeck uses many different descriptions of Lennie Small in the novella. Often compared to animals, one of the first descriptions of him is him being compared to a bear.

The imagery created in this scene begins to imply that Lennie, even though a grown man, does not have a mind of his own, almost childlike, while always having someone to direct him through life. Despite his age, Lennie acts and speaks with immaturity due a mental disability. By comparing him to a terrier he becomes viewed as irrational with a very instinctive side to him.

It stresses his naivety and also his loyalty to George. By writing this Steinbeck has suggested that the innocent Lennie is and both a victim and villain throughout his life. No matter how harmless he is within his mind, his strength betrays his personality leaving his child like mind, and brute strength a threatening combination.

This quote emphasises the dominance in the relationship and how Lennie is always following behind George because he wants to show him respect.

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It produces the thought that maybe all Lennie wants is for George to be proud of him and is symbolic to the fact Lennie looks up to George as a role model. He speaks down to Lennie in a patronizing manner which also symbolises the authority in the relationship.

In this novella one of the key things about Lennie and George is the dream they both wish to achieve. Like you did before.

It could also portray the subconscious worries Lennie has so he feels the need to be reassured about their dream. When Slim, the jerkline skinner, is first introduced to Lennie and George he is taken aback by the oddness of their relationship with each other.

How does steinbeck present the relationship between lennie and george and candy and his dog

At first he only sees the childlike Lennie but after the situation explained he understands and views Lennie in a completely different light. Another relationship that Lennie has is one with the stable buck, Crooks.

Steinbeck enforces this unspoken friendship between the two because both are isolated from the rest of the ranch workers, Lennie because of his size and childish behaviour and Crooks because of him being black and being segregated from the rest of the workers. It could also show that Lennie sees crooks as an equal unlike the other men on the ranch who merely see his colour.

In this novella Steinbeck uses foreshadowing a great deal throughout the whole story. It appears everywhere, hinting on what will happen to different characters and the way the story will develop. Beforehand Lennie and George are merely talking. This quote lays emphasis on how challenging it is for George to follow through with his task.

No matter how much of a dead weight Lennie is to him, they have still been together for a long while which adds to the fact George finds it so hard to kill him. In conclusion, Lennie Small is a very complex character. The description of his character is very precise and so is his personality.

His portrayal of innocence during the course of the novella is a key reason why readers feel so much sympathy for him, and is the main way in which he is represented all throughout Of Mice and Men.Explore the way the writer presents the relationship between George and Lennie in “Of Mice and Men” Of Mice and Men was written in the by John Steinbeck, he other well know books as the Grapes of Wrath and East of Eden, h also received a Nobel Prize for Literature in May 19,  · Steinbeck uses the event of Carlson killing Candy's dog as a way of setting the mood of powerlessness and to foreshadow Lennie's death at the end of the novel.

For example, Lennie is killed because he can't fit in with the s America migrant worker world, this is shown through dialogue where George mentions that him and Lennie had to flee Status: Resolved. The relationship between Candy and his dog parallels that which exists between George and Lennie.

There are also parallels between the outcasts and Lennie which emphasize the pain of lonliness. The opening scene mirros the final scene. Feb 17,  · all i can think of is candys dog and lennie are both dependent on others i.e. candy and george- master and dog relationship.

George and Lennie's Relationship

both shot by same gun in the same place- back of the skull dog and lennie are preseneted as a burden when infact they are there to help them from the show more PLEASE I REALLY NEED THE Resolved. Therefore, George cares for Lennie, and Lennie cares for George.

This companionship is evident in Candy and his dog’s relationship. Candy is hesitant to end the dog’s life because he has bonded with the dog over a long period of time.

Of Mice and Men. Discussion Questions: What does George gain from Lennie? What does the opening setting represent? Explain why the ranch is a microcosm (world in miniature form) of American society in the ’s. Compare the two places.

Explain Candy’s relationship with his dog. What similarities exist between George and Lennie?

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