How to write a grimoire

It is the most natural thing and the concept of keeping a grimoire, book of shadows, or book of methods is found across all of the cultures of magical traditions, East to West. Where do you start? How do you start?

How to write a grimoire

Tourmaline, Black Tourmaline, Watermelon 17, An index should be made as your magickal journal is made, or else creating one can become a truly herculean task.

You can use categories within an index as well, such as the crystals listed above, spells, sabbats, moons, etc. The possibilities for an index are tremendous and are only limited by your imagination.

An index works best with a notebook Grimoire or BoS, and is least suited for a ring bound magickal journal. A ring bound journal is going to have pages added all the time, so the pagination is always going to be shifting and changing.

An online magickal journal can have a master index page, but instead of page numbers, you can list the title of posts. If, for example, you want to see all of your spells that use citrine, you can look at the index and know that you mention citrine on pages 1, 14, and A quick flip through will help you find what you need.

The only issue is keeping it in strict, alphabetical order, since new pages will be added over time. Instead, you may want to type your index, and paper clip those printed pages to the inside, back cover of your notebook for reference.

Appendices An appendix is a reference that appears at the back of a book appendices is plural. It contains reference information, specifically, things that you want to reference again and again. One example would be the alchemy symbols for the elements, planets, and zodiac signs.

Another would be magickal correspondences for colors, which can be used for candles, thread, cloth, charm bags, and other uses. These appendix pages appear before the table of contents and can be referenced by individual entries, ie: Appendix pages can be photocopied from books, or printed from a computer, and then glued in; they can also be hand written.

Writing Your Grimoire (Grimoires Pt 2) * A Year & A Day to Becoming a Wiccan

For a ring bound magickal journal, there can be an appendix section near the end with the same material. If your magickal journal is online, appendix pages can be created and linked to from posts that reference them.

A glossary consists of definitions of words that you use as a reference, similar to the appendix, but appearing after it. My rule for adding a word to the glossary on this site is if I use a term that I think a new witch would not necessarily know.

The appendix groups information by theme and can use graphics, whereas the glossary is organized alphabetically and contains words with definitions. When you come across interesting words, phrases, deities, holidays, etc. If you have a notebook of shadows, a glossary can be set aside when you start your book by allocating a few pages after the appendix, but before the bibliography.

Those pages can be filled in the order you find the words, or you can pre-label sections A-Z. You can also type your glossary and print it out periodically, attaching it to the glossary page with a paperclip.

If you maintain a ring bound magickal journal, you can pre-make a page for each letter of the alphabet, or you can type the list and print it out periodically. Maintaining a glossary is very easy if your magickal journal is online, just allocate a page for it like I did here, and fill terms in as you go.

The Bibliography If you have a bibliography, it is traditionally placed after the glossary, but before the index. You can collect all of the bibliographic information in one place and list them in MLA or APA style, or you can put the information on each of your pages, or you can use a combination of both.

That will look something like: Alternately, you can just have the page for the spell, and then in the bibliography it will give the information. That will look similar to this: Finally, you can have a page for the spell and put all the information on that page.

On how to make a grimoire – Jennifer Lawler

That will look like the above example, but it will all be on the same page:The present text is a sixteenth century English translation of the Key of Solomon, the most famous of Grimoires, or handbooks of magic.

In producing his edition of the Key of Solomon, three manuscripts escaped S.L. Mathers' attention, or he chose to . Before you dive into working on your grimoire, plan out these introductory pages. Think about it, type out drafts, and have it all worked out before you start.

Then the first thing you do when you work on your grimoire is create these introductory pages. Next, the basics. Easily navigate and read Bungie's Destiny Grimoire cards. Grimoire cards offer more in-depth lore and commentary into the Destiny universe. Unfortunately, Bungie's own Grimoire viewer can be bulky and hard to navigate, this site aims to alleviate those issues and allow readers to .

The Potter Family Grimoire. X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X-X. The door to the small, dusty shop opened.

how to write a grimoire

A worn, battered bell sang out a tiny ring. The man sitting in his chair behind the counter smiled. The Guitar Grimoire: Chord Encyclopedia [Adam Kadmon] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

This compendium contains thousands of chords, diagrams and charts organized by best selling guitar author Adam Kadmon. There is no other chord book published that contains the information and organization of materials that this volume has.

All chords from three note structures to. What does magical writing consist of? Nearly everything you write down to do with your craft is magical writing.

When you put something in your Grimoire or spell book you are compiling magical writing. It is the same if you write a spell or a ritual. Some even go so far as writing in either the Witch's alphabet or some other symbolic barnweddingvt.coms: 2.

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