Just cause for war by jeff mcmahan essay

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Just cause for war by jeff mcmahan essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Not with another geo-political nation but an invisible enemy hiding within their host country and by the use of terrorism and guerrilla tactics they wage their war covertly within the U.

The United States responded by attacking Afghanistan and then went on to launch a massive campaign against Iraq.

Just cause for war by jeff mcmahan essay

On the other hand there are also those who are not so happy with how the current Bush administration is handling the war on terror. Others are having hard time thinking about the sole world superpower crushing nations who are arguably weaker than the United States. In these times of confusion, anger, and frustration there is an imperative to revisit theories about war especially those dealing with justifying the act of war.

In this paper the proponent will examine an essay by Jeff McMahan who attempted to give a more practical explanation of jus ad bellum or the justice of engaging in war see Weeramantry, He then clarifies further that in a just ware there are three things that must happen and these are enumerated as follows: Then when engaged in battle, the one who initiated the war must look for evidence that will make them say that the conditions that they set for terminating war has not been achieved and therefore they are right in continuing the conflict.

And when the conditions are met, when there is evidence that they already were able to achieve the desired results then the war should end. McMahan made it clear from the beginning that the ideas are not originally his and that he was merely putting emphasis on ideas that were already in existence even in the time of the ancients.

Then he used his understanding of what classical theorists had said in the past and used it to criticize contemporary views on what makes a just war. Flaws in the Discussion The problems or flaws in the discussion are not due to the weakness of his arguments or the intellectual capability of McMahan.

More than anything else the subject matter is complex and even after more than two millenniums of discussion it is still difficult to get consensus among philosophers, historians, and political scientists.

War is simply such a broad topic and conflict seems to be ingrained in the human psyche it is impossible to organize and study every kind of aggression and then create a model that will guide military and political leaders with regards to conduct in war.

At the end of the paper McMahan acknowledged that he had merely scratched the surface and did not pretend to have reached a resolution to the diverging streams of issues that emanate from just war theory.


I hope to explore these implications further in future work p. Even with the acknowledgment the reader could not feel that high expectations were met. McMahan started strong and yet in the middle of the paper could not resolve some of the tougher issues — and no one expects him to do so — and one has to simply agree with him that the said subject matter is full of vexed issues.

Contribution Even if McMahan was not able to fully resolve the issue it does not mean that he did not contribute to the already vast body of knowledge about just war theory.

One of the significant contributions of McMahan was the reiteration that there is more to a just war than a good beginning.

And no one can argue with him on this one especially in the light of recent events. The US led war on terror started well. There was more than enough justification for a moral war.

It can be argued that the terrorists were unprovoked, did not declare war with the U. So the Bush administration went on to invade Afghanistan after it was established that Osama Bin Laden was the mastermind behind the attacks and he was hiding in one of the mountains there.

Fresh from its success in Afghanistan, the Bush administration decided to attack Iraq. In attacking Iraq the US demonstrated a problematic facet of just war theory which McMahan pointed out in the beginning of his paper. He wrote that if a justification is needed to start a war then there is also justification needed to continue inflicting punishment to the enemy.

And finally when certain conditions are met then it is time to end the war. The justification of going to war with Afghanistan is September After destroying the Taliban there is no more justification to continue the war and it should end.

But then something happened in the course of the war against terror. The Bush administration realized that September 11 can be reinterpreted by saying that war is waged not for retribution but also for discouraging further attacks.Just Cause for War - Volume 19 Issue 3 - Jeff McMahan.

The central contention of this essay is that a just cause for war is a wrong that is of a type that can make those responsible for it morally liable to military attack as a means of preventing or rectifying it. This claim has many implications that conflict with assumptions of the. Proportionality in War: A Response* Jeff McMahan This essay responds to four commentaries on my recently published book, Killing in War.

It defends the view that soldiers ought to disobey an order to fight in a war that lacks a just cause, argues against the contractarian approach to the morality of war, develops an explanation of how the.

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The Ethics of Killing in War* Jeff McMahan conduct in war that he fights without a just cause. Unjust combatants do Some of the basic contentions of the present essay are defended, though for the most part by different arguments, in this . " The Just War and the Gulf War" (coauthored with Robert McKim), " Just Cause for War," Ethics and International Affairs19, no.

3 (): " Jeff McMahan" (an interview) in Thomas Petersen and Jesper Ryberg, eds., Normative Ethics. In this essay I advance a conception of and Jeff McMahan and Robert McKim, "The Just War and the Gulf War," Canadian Journal of Philosophy 23, no.

4 (), pp.

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JUST CAUSE FOR WAR. good be great enough to outweigh the rele-vant bad effects of the war. JUST CAUSE FOR WAR.

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The Ethics of Killing in War* Jeff McMahan conduct in war that he fights without a just cause. Unjust combatants do Some of the basic contentions of the present essay are defended, though for the most part by different arguments, in this earlier paper. Among the important.

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