Merlin the legendary magician that served king arthur

Despite numerous theories, archaeologists and historians have not come to any agreement about why they were built and what their purpose was. The labyrinth remains one of the most mysterious symbols found on Earth — thousands of years ago, it appeared at the same point in history on all inhabited continents in the world — why?

Merlin the legendary magician that served king arthur

Characters[ edit ] Knights of the Square Table clockwise from upper left: The main character of the series, a squire under Sir Loungelot, he happily accepts any task his master gives him. Flicker longs for the day he'll become a Dragon Knight himself, yet it seems the only reason he's not is that Loungelot typically takes credit for Flicker's heroic deeds.

Merlin the legendary magician that served king arthur

He is secretly in love with Princess Flame though he is very shy about showing it. Flicker is generally smarter and more competent than the Knights, and is a Machinist far ahead of his time even though his inventions do not always go well as he planned.

The daughter of King Allfire and stepsister of Blaze. Like Flicker, she also appears to be smarter and more competent than the Knights, though on a lesser scale. She has a deep crush on Flicker. In season one, Flame was purple-haired although often concealed by a veilbut in season two, she became a blonde.

Her role seemed to diminish in season two. King Allfire is also wielder of the legendary sword Excaliburn, but rarely uses it since he is semi-retired from fighting.

The second wife of King Allfire. She is the daughter of the gigantic Queen Mum, and is infatuated with Sir Loungelot. Griddle is also very short-tempered, and tends to get violent when angry.

Due to her robustness, she is often the butt of many fat jokes. Head Knight of the Square Table, but as his name implies, is an incredibly lazy knight. Loungelot loves gambling, sleeping, and most of all food, especially pastries such as biscuits, which he calls "bickies". Despite these shortcomings, Loungelot is the favourite knight of the King and especially Queen Griddle.

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This is because he kisses up to her and invariably takes credit for Flicker's successes. The King and Queen, however, seem to be oblivious on Flickers actions and often credits Lougelot for the work.

Flicker is his squire, though he treats him more like a servant than a knight in training. Loungelot is the son of the Lady of the Lake something he is not proud of since she nags him constantly and talks about his choir boy brother who is a monk.

Loungelot is usually the cause of much of the knight's trouble due to his crass and selfish nature. His hair highly resembles that of Elvis Presley.

Blaze is unusually energetic and is described as having amazing panache. Like Loungelot, he doesn't seem to be enthusiastic about participating in quests, preferring to work on "home" activities such as dressing the castle walls.

He is one of the only three knights the others Loungelot and Burnevere who stays throughout the series. It is implied that he is homosexual. Unlike the other dragons in the series with the exception of FlameBlaze has long-limbered legs like a human rather than short stubby ones.

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Sir Burnevere, "The Overly Educated", is a plucky hero with a Scottish accent and a tendency to use large words none of the other knights understand. Burnevere appears to be the oldest and wisest of the knights and often screams "Hoot McGregor!

Burnevere is actually linked to the Scottish royal family, but turned down the throne at the thought of being surrounded by all his relatives. Sir Galahot, "The Proper", is a large and imposing knight of the Square Table and the first knight to be introduced.

He only appears in season one.

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Unfortunately, he often ends up torching everything near him due to uncontrollable outbursts of fire-breathing burps. Like Sir Galahot he only appears in season one. In season one, the Minstrel introduced and closed out most episodes with a short verse or song related to the content of the episode.

While breaking the fourth wall in "Knights and Knightresses", Flicker remarks that he "thought he was just a background character who served as mere bridges between the scenes".

In the second season, due to the shorter episode lengths, the Minstrel only appeared in the episode "Shamrocks and Shenanigans" as a secondary character, explaining that he was fired from Castle Camelhot.

A two-headed dragon jester. Cinder, the left-sided head, is upbeat and perpetually happy, whilst Clinker, the right-sided head, is always depressed and sullen. The duo serve as the comic relief in most episodes.The source of TV subtitles.

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Merlin the legendary magician that served king arthur

Caster's True Name is Merlin, the Magus of Flowers (花の魔術師, Hana no Majutsu-shi?The vagrant of the paradise. A prophet and advisor who made his entry into Arthurian Legends as the court magus. He would at times guide, at times torment, and at times help King Arthur as a king so that she could overcome many enemies and hardships. is the leading provider of online obituaries for the newspaper industry. enhances online obituaries with Guest Books, funeral home information, and florist links. Daisy Duck is a featured article, which means it has been identified as one of the best articles produced by the Disney Wiki community.

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Krampus, companion to Saint Nicholas, was a supernatural creature that stole away ‘naughty’ children.(Public Domain) Still, despite this relative hostility that elves were said to have towards the human race, there were also beings who were said to be neutral towards humans and towards other matters as well.

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