One night call centre

Filed under - Call Centre ManagementGamesIncentivesMotivationStaffing Games can be a great way to motivate advisors, so we asked some experts and our readers to suggest a few of the best for call centre teams. But these suggestions come with a warning. While incentives, both for teams and individuals, can significantly improve performance, they need to be carefully deployed. Make a tactical decision as to when to run an incentive, perhaps when employee engagement is low, and you will see immediate results.

One night call centre

Plot[ edit ] Salman Khan is a Bollywood actor, who is on a live tour near Delhiwhere his private jet crashes. Luckily, he survives and in a lounge, he meets a girl Katrina Kaif.

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She tells him a story, about six friends and their boss who all work together at a Mumbai-based call centre. They are instructed never to reveal their location, and speak with an American accent by a Boston-based company.

Although these six friends work together, they still go through some struggles ;Shyam tries his best to reconcile with Priyanka after their breakup, Esha gets annoyed by Varun when she thinks he likes her, Radhika is heartbroken when her husband Anuj Arbaaz Khan cheats on her with his girlfriend, and Military Uncle wants a visa to see his son and grandson.

One night, Shyam and his friends are forced to work in the nighttime shift until 4: At work, Shyam realizes that Priyanka is going through a tough time with her arranged marriage with Ganesh, a wealthy Indian-American who stays in the United States, Shyam taps the phones phone line thanks to Varun helping him so that he can over hear their conversations.

Esha gets upset telling Shyam that Varun used her for nothing so Shyam tries talking to Varun until he loses his temper and starts breaking everything. At a party, they all get drunk and decide to head back home since it is late. The six are on their way home, until they approach an accident, and are stuck on top of a cliff in their car, and if anybody tries to move, the car may lose its balance and fall off the cliff.

They all remain calm, and Shyam tries to call someone, he finds his phone battery has run out, therefore, in rage he breaks his phone and throws it on the floor of the car.

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Later on, still trapped in the car, the broken phone receives a phone call; six surprised friends answer it, only to find the caller is God. God tells the six, they should keep calm, and just believe in themselves and all will be well. They do as they are told, and find that the fire brigade has arrived to save them.

They all are saved. Bakshi is fired by his American boss and replaced by Shyam because he always had potential. Years later, Shyam and Varun open their own website academy, Shyam proposes to Priyanka and gets married to her, Military Uncle pays for a visa and goes to America, Radhika lives a carefree life after divorcing Anuj, Esha quits her fashion modeling career and works as an NGO Labourer, and Priyanka studies to becomes a school teacher.

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After the story, Khan asks the woman who she is, and she replies "if you believe in yourself, you will know the answer".

She walks out of the lounge, and as Khan follows her, he seems to witness she has suddenly disappeared. He believes in himself, his jet gets fixed, and he flies back home.We use cookies to make interactions with our website easy and meaningful, to better understand the use of our services, and to tailor advertising.

One night call centre

ONE NIGHT @ THE CALL CENTER —CHETAN BHAGAT [Typeset by: Arun K Gupta] This is someway my story. A great fun, inspirational One! Before you begin this book, I have a small request. One Night at Call center is the novel based on the life of the people of middle class family in India and their problems.

IT is a story of emotions which shows pity, love, sorrow and ambitions. It denotes to the many aspects of human life. One-night stand – you’ve been able to deliver a one-off experience to your customer but they don’t want more.

Their business could have been an impulse purchase or be driven by a specific need or context. One Night at the Call Centre [Chetan Bhagat] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

'One Night at the Call Centre' focuses on the story of one night's happening with 6 people working together at a call centre in Gurgaon/5(66). Jun 05,  · the book is more than good. all chetan bhagat books are cool. you read 'the 3 mistakes of my life'?

it's also gud but it's like impossible to hv such an eventful night Status: Resolved.

Are You Married to Your Customer, or Did You Just Have a One-Night Stand?