Rhetorical strategies of nickel and dimed

She Uses ethos in the beginning mostly the introduction when she tells about her success as a writer this also makes it more dramatic when she fails at unskilled labor later. To paint an image of the state of the spirit after too much work. To show how flippant and exuberant she felt at that time.

Rhetorical strategies of nickel and dimed

Thoroughly answer the following questions. What is she doing? Ehrenreich describes the kitchen in terms of bodily organs and functions. What response is she trying to evoke? Ehrenreich provides fairly extensive commentary in footnotes. What is the effect of this strategy?

In the footnotes, is her tone different from the one used in the body of the piece? Ehrenreich occasionally uses crude expressions. What is her intended effect in shifting to diction that is not only informal but, some would say, crass?

Discuss specific instances of humor in this selection. Is it primarily ironic humor? Cite specific passages in your response. Ehrenreich is both outsider and insider in this selection; that is, she is the writer observing the environment in which she is playing a role.

How does she make this narrative stance work? Does she shift abruptly between describing what is going on and commenting about it, or does she move smoothly between the two?

Discuss by citing specific passages. In this section, Ehrenreich does not state a thesis or indicate directly what her purpose is; instead, she works by inference and implication.


What is her purpose?On the surface, Jeannette Walls does a wonderful job recounting her memories with the same emotions that she possessed when she was a child.

However, after analyzing the novel, I found that Jeanette Walls uses rhetorical strategies to secretly communicate her . Rhetorical Strategies Chapter 1 She appeals the the reader's emotions when she describes her plight and that of others of her position on page 26 and several other places.

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I decided to choose the aspect of Wal-Mart from Barbara Ehrenreich’s chapter about Minneapolis for the midterm. In the book, Nickel and Dimed, Ehrenreich is a retail worker in the women’s department at a Wal-Mart store in Minneapolis.

Rhetorical strategies of nickel and dimed

Dec 03,  · This feature is not available right now. Please try again later. Nickel and Dimed takes place during a so-called economic boom in American history, the period of “peace and prosperity” (as many people called it then, and still call it now) that was the late s.

Nickel and Dimed - Rhetorical Strategies