The downfall of desdemona and emilia essay

The play begins with an argument between Iago and Roderigo. This conflict gives the reader a glimpse of what is to come.

The downfall of desdemona and emilia essay

Hate is too great a burden to bear. In the play Othello this quote shows relation to how love occurs among the main characters. This is highlighted though the relationship that Emilia and Desdemona have with their respective husbands.

Throughout, the relationship of these characters with their spouses will be analyzed. The relationship between Emilia and her husband Iago will be expressed as well as the relationship between Desdemona and her husband Othello. Then the similarities and differences between the two relationships will be compared.

They do not have a strong and equal relationship displaying love. This is not what one would expect to exist between a man and his wife. Iago uses Emilia as his puppet; he mocks and disrespects her. He appears to not care much about her well being. This is seen in the lack of affection he shows to his wife.

Iago seems as though he does not have the ability to love anything or anyone. She tries her utmost best to please Iago. She is experiencing unrequited love. This is odd as the object of her affections is her husband,whom has no feelings towards her.

He is undeserving of her love,as Emilia could be offering all this love to one whom actually deserves it. This is a good character trait in Emilia.

Due to her not getting the love she wants from husband, she develops the belief that women should be able cheat on there husbands. Subsequently they had a rocky relationship,even though Emilia really did love her husband.

In contrast, Desdemona and Othello had a powerful relationship. This is seen in the manner they chose to get married.

The downfall of desdemona and emilia essay

However she went through with it. She eloped with him because in her eyes she believed that he was the perfect man for her. Emilia is in love with Othello and completely devoted to him.

She is not with him for his looks,but with him for his heart. Othello cherished Emilia and treated her like a princess. However, Othello love for Desdemona was too strong that made him think Desdemona was cheating on him.

This is seen in the way they interact with their respective spouses and generally what their views on their spouses were. Desdemona actually loved her husband,and he her. Also Iago used Emilia for his gain. Scene 3 The manner in which Iago treats Emilia is terrible as he verbally abuses her.

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Another difference between the two relationships, is that Desdemona is in an interracial marriage and Emilia is not.Desdemona is the wife of Othello who is a General in the army with men under his command.

Emilia’s husband is Iago who is the ancient of Othello. Next, the two ladies exhibit a level of ignorance of the plots in play around them.

Unknowingly both Desdemona and . Desdemona’s downfall began when her husband stopped trusting her. The way he began asking her so many questions and developing that huge rage towards her,led to the fall in there relationship. For him to accuse her of infidelity was the breaking point in their relationship, while Emilia’s fall started from the day she married Iago.

Essay on Othello" Downfall Othello’s Tragic Fall From grace Introduction Othello is certainly blamed for the death of his wife Desdemona.

However, Iago played an enormous role in Othello’s fall from grace. Essay William Shakespeare 's Othello, Desdemona, Emilia, And Bianca In the culture and society of this time, it was viewed as acceptable to call women whores in public.

She did not take that insult lightly. Essay about Othello: Othello and Desdemona Bernard Smoakes Professor Barbara Russell Com 5 April Othello Compare and Contrast the differences of Desdemona and Emilia characters In the play “Othello”, by William Shakespeare, there are two women in the play that attracts our attentions.

It's actually pretty aww-inspiring: Emilia and Desdemona bond over husband trouble. Emilia's super-bitter take on her married life with Iago contrasts with Desdemona's (temporarily) idealistic marriage to Othello.

Emilia's one dishonest act towards Desdemona—stealing her special handkerchief—turns out to have devastating consequences.

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